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APRIL, 1997


Atlapedia Online

Users will find physical and political maps for countries around the world. The site includes facts and statistics such as capital city, system of government, and estimated population figures.

The country data is presented as text separated by dividers. The maps are full color. Graphics are used for menus and navigation buttons.

Each page has the same navigation menu at the bottom, which allows users to reach each section of the site. The country listings use an alphabet menu for selection choices. Users can search the entire site via the search engine.

Atlapedia Online provides detailed statistics on countries of the world, along with physical and political maps. Users are greeted with information concerning the site's legal agreement. However, once past that, viewers will find facts and figures on each country's geography, population, political tendencies, and modern history. The site uses an encyclopedia format -- hence the name. This is an excellent page to save for geography, social studies and history teachers. Students could use the site as a source for reports and research.