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S I T E     R E V I E W
APRIL, 1996


CIA World Fact Book

You can't beat this site as far as geography content goes. There is everything you need to know about every country.

Not much fancy graphics or techniques here, just straight information and maps.

Very well-organized and simple. Pick a country from the Home Page, and a wealth of information about that country unfolds. Some pages take a bit of time to load, some because of maps, other because of long lists of text.

The Home Page of the CIA World Fact Book lists every major country. Click on the country, and you jump to a page about that country which lists facts regarding geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications systems, and defense forces. As an added bonus to those who wander far enough to the bottom of the Home Page is a list of appendices and reference maps (both low and high resolutions available. The appendices list such information about weights and measures, the United Nations System, Estimates of Gross Domestic Products, and other interesting tidbits. This site has value for teachers and students, and for the general web browsing population who might ever need geographical facts. An outstanding resource packed with information.