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APRIL, 1996


The Interactive Frog Dissection

What a great concept, and a great way for students to learn. The descriptions are not lengthy, however.

The imagery is simple and easy to follow, and the nature of this site makes it (understandable graphics intensive.

This site is impeccably organized and easy to follow. Students can easily navigate and learn and not even think twice about the page setup, which is an optimum environment.

The Interactive Frog Dissection, designed for use by high school biology students, is a "virtual" hands-on site. From initial incisions to internal organs, users are shown how to dissect a frog. Each lesson is followed by an interactive "practice" where students test what they've learned by clicking on image maps of frogs. If the student clicks on the right spot, they are told so. As a supplement to this, MPEG movies are available for download, however they are large files (up to 2.6 MB). This is an excellent learning tool, and should be a strong example of the learning power of the Web. If you are a high school biology student or teacher, don't miss this site.