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APRIL, 1996


NASA Home Page

There is an amazing amount of information on these pages, you will find answers to all your questions relating from earth science to space science to space technology.

Wow, this site is heavy on nice but huge, bulky images that try your patience.

For the amount of information here, it is fairly well organized, although it's very easy to get lost in the vast content.

From NASA's Home Page, the user is guided to the next level of pages, some of which include "NASA Organization", Aeronautics, Space Science, Gallery, Q&A, and Mission to Planet Earth (among others). Q&A offers questions and answers valuable to one and all: take a class on space flight (complete with a quiz), or get a brief description about the Space Shuttle missions. The Gallery offers photos, movies, and audio clips. Mission to Planet Earth, NASA's most famous website, is a great resource for student and teachers. Learn about air, water, land, life, or browse the nationwide Education Programs available. Or follow "What's News" for the latest press briefings and public announcements. This site is a must for science teachers and students, if you can wait for the graphics.