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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1999

The World of Puppets

The World of Puppets is a Web quest on puppetry from Asian cultures. Included are activity and lesson plan ideas that incorporate links to Bunraku Puppetry (Japanese), Water Puppetry (Vietnamese), and Shadow Puppetry (Indonesia).

A few nice graphics of the different puppetry styles on the main page, and links to more in other locations.

The site is laid out as one long page, with the links available from lists.

The World of Puppets Web quest includes 10 classes worth of activities for young children. The Web quest begins by exploring the 3 puppetry styles (Bunraku, water puppets, and shadow puppets) during the first week. During this section students learn about the cultures that produce the different puppets and participate in activities designed to give them a feel for how the puppets work. In the second week students create their own puppets and puppet shows. The activities are interdisciplinary and well thought out. A fun and informative set of lessons!