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The Soundry

The Soundry is an award-winning, interactive, and fun Web site about the science of sound. The site is broken up into five categories -- The Ear and How We Perceive Sound, The Physics of Sound, Applications of Sound, a Timeline, and the Interactive Sound Lab.

The stark black background and bright green graphics create a very appealing effect. The text is well laid out and easy to read. The interactive graphics are excellent!

The Soundry is set up in frames with a general navigational bar at the left. The main page and each section page have comprehensive listings. The site is meant to be explored "intuitively," meaning that most of the site is interrelated and is best explored by jumping about from section to section using the cross-referencing buttons at the bottoms of the pages.

The Soundry, produced by students in Virginia and Alaska, was awarded the Best of Contest award in the 1998 ThinkQuest competition. This prestigious award is well deserved, these kids have put together an impressive site on the science of sound. Teachers will love using this site in the classroom, because of the broad spectrum of topics covered. You can find everything from the history of sound recording to the workings of the inner ear, the Dopper Effect, and the sonic boom. The site also looks at the practical applications of the different physical properties of sound, such as sonar and ultrasound. Students will love the cool interactive applets that allow them to manipulate sound and see and hear the effects first hand. This site is a keeper for all Science teachers!