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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1999


Healthykids.com is the online version of Healthykids Magazine and includes articles from the print version as well as a collection of discussion groups and chat rooms covering a wide variety of topics related to raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids.

Lots of cheerful colors.

The site has a comprehensive navigational sidebar on the left that appears on all the pages. The site includes a drop down menu and a search feature.

Healthykids.com is devoted to promoting kids' health. Parents will enjoy the site's many departments with articles on all kinds of important topics. Here you can find the scoop on everything from chicken pox to mountain biking. The discussion groups also have an impressive list of topics that include ADD, Adoption, Kids & Grieving, Stepfamilies, and lots more. Here parents can read about what other people have to say about a topic and add their own comments. If you have a hankering to talk to someone about a subject, check the chat room. Users have to register and become members of the Healthykids.com community to use the discussion lists and the chat room. This is a great site!.