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March, 1998

U.S. Peace Corps

This is the United States Peace Corps Web site. Users can learn about the program, the countries where volunteers serve, and education-based programs.

Mostly text, with some photos depicting real volunteers.

The homepage lists the main sections of the site. Users can find the same graphic menu at the bottom of each page, which allows them to navigate to any area of the site.

The Peace Corps was established in 1961. Volunteers have served in 132 countries around the world. With such a long and diverse history, Peace Corps volunteers have much information to share. This Web site provides basic information about becoming a Peace Corps volunteer along with information for returning volunteers. But there is much more here for educators and students. Information is available at the site on countries served by the Corps. Users will find global education lesson plans sorted by grade level and curriculum area. Educators can find information on Peace Corps speakers. The site offers teachers' guides and free videos. Users can get technical information and learn how to set up class-to-class exchanges. This is a great resource for teachers of all grades and can be used in social studies, history, cultural studies, and other class lesson plans.