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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

Education Index

This site lists resources for a variety of subjects, categorized by topic or age.

The site uses colors and graphics on the homepage. Other sections of the site use wide spacing and large fonts. The site is easy to read.

There's a graphical tool bar at the top of each page that shows you where you are and allows you to navigate to other parts of the site. A text-based tool bar at the bottom of each page guides you as well.

The primary goal of The Education Index is "to provide learners and educators with access to the best educational Web sites in a variety of subjects and lifestages." The site currently has more than 3,000 links. The organization of the site is what makes it so valuable. Information is listed by subject and by categories such as Preschoolers, College Students, Continuing Education, and Careers. Users will find reviews of each of the sites listed. The "Weasel World" section of the site offers games and other activities for younger viewers. The "Coffee Shop" is an interactive area, where users can communicate with one another. This is a great site for educators to bookmark and use as an information and lesson planning resource.