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March, 1998

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Help

A Web site created by a student and his father to provide other students with access to resources and information for a variety of topics and subjects.

The layout features large text fonts, making is easy to read for younger viewers. The background page of the site resembles a notebook, and links and categories are well marked.

Users are given the choice of viewing the site with frames (at a faster loading speed) or in its original one-page format (where viewers use their browsers' scroll bars to navigate). The links are categorized by subject matter.

This Web site was created to provide resources and information to help users with homework and research. The author is a 10-year-old student. Currently, the site has more than 400 links to information on the Internet covering subjects such as math, science, social studies, languages, history, music, art, and computers. Users can view the page in two different formats, which makes it a great site for viewers with older computers. Most categories also have sub-categories, which makes locating specific information easier. This is a great site to bookmark for homework help, report resources, and for lesson planning.