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S I T E     R E V I E W
MARCH, 1997


Scholastic Place

Children's book and magazine publisher.

Colorful, good variety.

Easy to locate menu buttons, directory structure for locating links.

This site has many different aspects to it. Part of it is dedicated to educational technology -- "Electronic Learning" which is a magazine on educational technology is available online every day on the website. The magazine covers current news, reporting, product reviews and resource leads and the online version includes "Ask-an-expert online advice, discussions with technology movers and shakers, news flashes, real-life product reviews from your peers in the trenches and hundreds of hardware and software reviews archived for use". "Instructor" magazine for elementary teachers is also online. Another part of the site has information specifically for teachers including information on Book Clubs, Specials!, Book Fairs, Classroom Magazines, K-8 Core & Supplemental Programs (help for struggling readers, a free trial membership in Scholastic Network, Literacy Research Papers, CD-ROMs and online resources for Literacy Place teachers) and another section provides information for students based on popular Scholastic titles such as Goosebumps, The Magic Schoolbus, Babysitters Club and Animorphs. While each part of the site caters to a different group, the website in general provides resources and incentive for using technology in education.