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MARCH, 1997


Library of Congress Education Page

Information and activities based on the American Memory collection of the Library of Congress.

Minimal graphics, long groups of text.

Links to collection are at the bottom of the page, sidebar depicts current section and options for moving around the site.

The American Memory historical collections contain documents, motion pictures, photographs, and sound recordings about people, important events and places, eras and topics in the history of the United States. Collections generally include but are not limited to: photos from particular time periods, documents from special projects, portraits of a particular group, motion pictures from certain locations, recordings of speeches, pamphlets, books and memorabilia of specific events. Each area of information is organized to allow the user easier selecting. The section on people is categorized alphabetically, the events area has an alphabetical listing of event topics, the places page is divided into regions and listed alphabetically, the eras section is broken into decades and the topics are also alphabetized. Additionally, a search engine is available to organize a search. The website includes a section for educators with suggestions for using the materials. The information in the collections are divided into "sources" and activities are presented for each grouping (objects, images, audio, statistics, text and the community). The site is maintained by the Library of Congress and the collections do change, however, the lessons and suggestions presented here are useful to teachers and educators no matter what the material.