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MARCH, 1997


Association for the Advancement of Arts Education

We apologize for any inconvenience, but this site is no longer live on the Internet. We will hold the page in case the site is revived at a new location on the Web in the months ahead. For additional site reviews related to this topic see our Site Review Archive. The archive can be searched by topic, date, and an alphabetical list. [Posted 03/28/2006]

Arts resource center for students, educators and teachers.

Simple, bright colors, uncomplicated background.

Navigational tools on each page, column of links easy to find.

Before beginning the association for the advancement of arts education (AAAE) a two year study of parents, artists, arts administrators and community leaders showed a need for change in arts education. The main areas of concern were: "The arts should be an integral and equal element in the general education of all students, grades K-12" and "Collaborative efforts between schools and professional arts organizations are key to the successful utilization of the arts in the educational process". Hence, the AAAE was formed to establish working relationships with and among educators, arts professionals and community members, to create an arts education clearing house, develop interactions between teachers, students, arts organizations and artists, develop incentives that enhance student and parent participation in the arts, provide in-service training for educators for development of arts curriculum and develop assessment procedures of the educational benefits of the arts programs. This website promotes those goals. Here you can find information on teacher training initiatives, Art Waves a half-hour radio show produced by and for young people involved in the arts, the Arts Education Resource Center (membership required), programs offering innovative models in the areas of arts curriculum, Arts Council Grants Resources listings by state, a catalog of annotated literature sources on theatre education (pre K-12) and arts education in general, a monthly school arts events calendar and other arts and education sites on the web. This site is developing and the direction it's heading looks good.