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MARCH, 1997


American Music Conference


Information on music and music education.

Color coordination, appropriate graphics.

Sections evenly divided, each page has heading and menu at the bottom for easy navigation of the site.

The American Music Conference is the only national organization dedicated to the promotion of music and music education to the general public. This site follows all those goals with sections on news stories for the music community with current press activities and releases, the National Coalition for Music Education (an advocacy organization for the music community), National Standards for Arts Education which includes documents for Arts and Music Standards, background information and material by Secretary of Education Richard Riley, among others, Music and Childhood Development which is the research by Drs. Shaw and Rauscher on the scientific links between music and the impact on the brain, "including the first scientific proof of the impact of music on early childhood development", the AMC Media Center, AMC Newsletter, Resources not online and categorized AMC Music Links on "related music, music making, and music education resources on the internet". This is a wonderful site for teachers, educators, parents and musicians. With a little of something for everyone it shouldn't be missed!