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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1999

Vince & Larry's Safety City

Go on an adventure with Vince & Larry, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's crash-test dummies and your guides to this fun and informative site about car, bicycle, school bus, and pedestrian safety.

Tons of colorful, fun illustrations on this site! Kids will love the QTVR movies.

Users will find a navigational map of the site in the left sidebar. Many pages also have extra navigational links at the bottom.

Vince & Larry's Safety City has plenty for kids to do and could keep a class occupied for several class periods. Teachers will want to check out the Teacher's Lounge inside the Safety School area for lesson plans and activities. While there, check out the Safety Challenge Quiz and find out how much you know about being safe. Let students take the quiz before and after visiting the site! That's just the beginning! You can go with Vince and Larry to explore their interactive Art Gallery, crash test dummy Research Lab, Town Hall, or Theater (with QTVR videos that include Ray Charles' new hit "Back Seat Safety"). You can also go with Vince and Larry on a bicycle tour and learn lots of great tips about bicycle safety, or visit their school bus safety page. This is an excellent site that kids will enjoy!