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The Mint

The Mint is an economics and finance site for youth, their teachers, and parents. This very interactive site teaches the ins and outs of personal finance, entrepreneurship, and basic economics.

The Mint is a very easy to read site that has few graphics.

The pages each have navigational bars at the top with links to the main sections of the site, plus one at the left with links to the subtopics in that section.

This well put together site teaches through exploration. Students learn "How to Be a Millionaire" by filling out calculation forms that show them how long it will take to earn their million depending on the type of investments they make and how much they save each year. (It's easier than they might think!) They can also play the Real World Credit Card Game or any of several other interactive games and quizzes available on the site. Kids learn about creating a sound financial future for themselves by actually making the decisions they will face as adults. This site gives young people an opportunity to get a feel for how those decisions can affect their futures. Teachers and parents have their own section that includes lesson plans, quizzes, and links to other good sites such as Gazillionaires and The Stock Market Game. The Mint is a collaborative effort between the Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation and The National Council on Economic Education.