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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1999

Electronic Samurai

This site is full of photographic images of the Orient, showcasing Japan, China and Mongolia. Also included are QuickTime VR movies, sound bytes, and an exceptional section on Samurai art. The site is offered in both English and Japanese.

Take your time going through this site. It's worth it to see the larger versions of this huge collection of images. Great background and layout!

The lay out layout is simple and easy to understand. At the bottom of the pages are links back to the main page and to the individual sections.

This is an outstanding database of images on Japan, China, and Mongolia. Samurai lovers will want to go to Cobweb Castle. Here you will find the Samurai Tour --- photographs of places renowned to the Samurai around Japan; the Samurai Gallery - portraits of famous Samurai; and Samurai Links. This site is not just limited to the Samurai though! Back on the main page users can choose from several other sections of the site. Cyber Shrine is an image collection of temples and shrines. Virtual Mongolia includes images, sound bytes, QuickTime VR clips, and links about Mongolia. Virtual China offers tours of all the major areas in China. The Oriental Museum has art images from Mongolia, Japan, and Korea. Finally, the QuickTime VR section has a collection of movies. Electronic Samurai is a great resource on Asian culture for all grade levels from elementary through high school.