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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

Web Pages to Help Physics Students

This Web site has a categorized list of helpful resources for anyone studying physics.

Most of the site is text-based. Light backgrounds and wide-spacing make it easy to read.

The site uses lists of links to display its information, with most leading to additional lists of resources or original text material.

For such a narrow topic, this site contains a diverse amount of information. Users will find resources on general physics and outside educational sites. Students and teachers will find problem solutions and simulations useful for studying or the classroom. Educators have access to physics educational software information and physics magazines and journals. A "Miscellaneous" section includes physics humor, "A Dictionary of Units," the "Society of Physics Students," and "Fun Science Gallery." Interested viewers will find information on the contributions of women to physics. Physics is a difficult subject to research on the Internet and the information collected here provides a valuable resource.