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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

The Web site has information for individuals involved with the pupil transportation industry.

The home page displays a graphic header, while most of the other pages are text-based. Wide spaces and clean text allow for easy reading.

The home page has a side menu bar that lists each section of the site. Users can also find information in the home page text.

This is a Web site for all the professionals involved in student transportation and safety. The site has information for school bus companies and drivers. It also includes information on buses, pupil management, and maintenance. Users will find statistics, news, and resources for doing their own research. The site has an association contact list and a suppliers directory to help viewers do business. Users at the site can participate in an online forum to discuss professional matters or they can browse through the calendar of events. The site includes links to outside resources and an archive of past articles. This is a comprehensive site, valuable to anyone in the industry.