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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

Online Grammars
GRADE LEVEL: 12+ & Professionals

Linguistics is the study of the structure of language and the way it is learned and used. This Web site provides links to a variety of linguistics resources.

The site uses a light colored background and blue text. Most of the language links reach outside sites so the overall look of the site varies.

All current links are listed on the main page. The resources are categorized alphabetically. Users must scroll down the page to locate a particular language.

Each page of the site presents a different element of linguistics. Users will find information on historical linguistics, phonology (the study of sounds), syntax (the study of sentence structure), and semantics (the study of meaning). Viewers can also access links to online grammars of languages other than English. The grammars at the site are chosen for their "effectiveness for learning the language they describe," according to the site. Language arts teachers and students should mark this page as a starting point to the study of other languages and as reference material.