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February, 1998

National Women's History Project

The National Women's History Project was established to provide education, materials, and information on the historic contributions of women to society.

The site is mainly text-based. Many of the pages display their information in list format. Thumbnail photos are used sparingly throughout the site.

Each page has a menu bar at the bottom to allow users to navigate the entire site. Most pages can be read by scrolling down or by using the provided jumps.

The National Women's History Project (NWHP) is a nonprofit organization set up to promote the role of women in history. The organization provides education materials and information to interested parties. It includes updates about "events, conferences, publications, films, and other resources related to U.S. women's history." Each March is National Women's History Month and the Web site has lists of links pertaining to that event. Users can acquire posters, videos, books, and other materials without charge. Viewers will find information on membership, teacher-training workshops, and conferences for teachers. Users can take an online quiz about some historically prominent women. The site also has a research library with resources about U.S. women's history. This is a great site for the upcoming National Women's History Month but can also be utilized year-round for history lesson plans.