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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

Constitutions, Treaties and Declarations

This Web site is a collection of links to constitutions, treaties, and declaration documents for countries throughout the world.

The site uses a light colored background and simple dividers. The spacing of the text makes it very easy to read.

All of the documents listed in the section are categorized alphabetically by their country of origin. The countries are displayed in a long list, which is accessed by scrolling down the page. The main page has a link to the larger Web site, which is a political science resource site.

The Constitutions, Treaties and Declarations section of this Web site consolidates resources from around the Internet. The documents presented at the Web site fall into one of the three categories listed in the title. Examples of the international documents include: the UN Charter, the "GATT" treaty, and the Treaty of Rome. Users will find information from conventions on human rights, conventions on warfare and arms limitation, and treaties on trade and commerce. Viewers can also access the documents by country of origin. Information from the United States includes links to its Constitution and information on NAFTA. This is a site for older students and for teachers. Current events classes would benefit the most from the material here. Political science and history teachers could also use the information.