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February, 1998

The Constellations

This Web site has myths about constellations and data on their stars.

The site uses a table to display the list of constellations. Most of the constellation text areas include a graphic of the stars and their position in the sky.

The constellation table allows users to easily choose a constellation. Each page of the site provides a link back to the main page. The table page also provides links to the Messier list, the NGC objects table, and the mythic name list.

The Constellations Web Page is a reference for those interested in the stars. The Web site stays away from information on planets, comets, and other topics and concentrates on the 88 constellations. Users can read about the Greek myths related to constellations. They'll also find data on the stars, such as visual magnitude and distance. The site includes a graphic for each constellation, which can help users locate them in the night sky. Viewers also have access to the Messier objects, and to all NGC objects that are mentioned at the site. Users can link to (unscientific) information about the Greek gods and goddesses mentioned in the stories. Astronomy teachers and students will find useful material. General science teachers looking to interest students in a scientific discipline will find the site beneficial too.