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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007


CHEMystery is a virtual chemistry textbook for high school chemistry students.

The home page uses a large number of graphics, some of them animated. The site uses text on a black background, which can be difficult to read for long periods of time.

All of the chemistry topics are listed on the home page. Each subsequent page has a link back to the main page.

CHEMystery was set up as an interactive textbook for high school chemistry students. The site includes links to other Internet chemistry resources. Users will find a meeting forum where they can discuss homework, chemistry, and science. Topics covered on the site are "Atoms and Molecules," "States of Matter," "Chemical Reactions," "Periodic Table of the Elements," "Atomic Structure and Bonding," "Energy," "Thermodynamics," "Equilibrium," "Acids and Bases," "Electrochemistry," "Organic Chemistry," and "Nuclear Reactions." With such a variety of chemistry topics covered, educators and students alike will find this a valuable site. The site could be used to create lesson plans involving the Internet. Viewers could also use the site for reference and research.