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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

The Abacus

This Web site includes historical information, modern uses, and practical exercises for the Abacus.

Each section of the site has the same layout. Most contain graphics of an abacus in the center of the page. The site uses tables to display some of its information.

The site uses a left-side menu bar with links to each section of the page. Users can move forward to the next section of the site from each page. Viewers must use their browsers' back buttons to navigate back.

The abacus is considered an ancient calculator, yet it is still used today by shopkeepers in Asia and "Chinatowns" in North America. The abacus is also taught in some schools in Japan and in the U.S. Blind children are taught mathematics on an abacus as an alternative to writing. This Web site provides viewers with background information about the abacus. Users can try out some addition and subtraction basics on a hand-held abacus or with the "virtual" abacus on the site. The site has information on how to purchase an abacus and links to outside resources. This site could be used as an interesting supplemental lesson by mathematics teachers.