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Nobel Prize Internet Archive


Archive of all Nobel Prize winners.


Too many frames make the pages small, dark background is difficult to read.


Awards are divided into categories, searchable database helps to find information.


The prize winners are listed by category (literature,physics,chemistry,peace,economics, or physiology & medicine) but there is a quick search and alphabetical list if you know who you're looking for. There is also a link for Ig Nobel Prizes ("a good-natured spoof of science and the Nobel Prizes, the ceremony honors people whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced"), a special section on women laureates, a random search for winners, a section on "Why the Nobel Prize in Mathematics does not exist", News, a Trivia Quiz, interviews with winners and "Nobel Laureates Born This Month". This last section has link to the prize category won, the achievement awarded, a biography and an outside link with information on the winner mentioned for each birthdate. The Nobel Prize Internet Archive is not affiliated with The Nobel Foundation but does update the site with news of the Foundation and winners past and present. There is also a section on books about Nobel Prizes and Winners. The site is the place for trivia buffs, students doing research and anyone else interested in keeping abreast of the latest achievements happening in our world.