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S I T E     R E V I E W



Tutorials on over 250 subjects.

Lots of graphics, light colors, wide spacing.

Easy to follow menu on top of each page, each tutorial is cross referenced.

This site bills itself as "the ability utility" and it is. There are tutorials here covering a wide variety of tasks from daily chores to making smart purchases to car maintenance. The site also has a free email service which provides an advance report on the tutorials (AKA 2torials) of the week and other information on the site. Each 2torial's section includes areas on: "Time" - lists the average time to complete the task. "What You'll Need" - a list of ingredients, tools, etc. necessary to complete the job, "Tips" - additional information not listed in the 2torial itself and "Keywords" - definitions and information on words specific to the subject matter. The tutorial also includes a section listing "Related 2torials". The tutorial itself begins with a "Before You Begin" section which explains how to prepare for the job and then lists the Steps involved in completing the process. Each tutorial contains one or more graphic illustrations and is formatted for easy reading. Searching the site is very easy, it can be done in three ways -- using the search engine to search by keyword or concept or browsing by topic, alphabetically or by number. This site is new and growing fast. The authors invite feedback and input from viewers on tutorials. Check it out often to keep learning!