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KidsWeb Japan

Lots of information on Japan, Japanese schools and Japanese children.

Very colorful, lots of graphics, has a "prepared by students" feel.

Large clickable graphic buttons, menu at the bottom of each page.

Interested in other cultures? This page is fun as well as educational. The site is geared toward younger students there's enough information here so that everyone can learn something. This site was designed to introduce"Japan to schoolchildren aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries" and to be "used as a supplementary source of information in classes devoted to studying Japan or to learn about Japan with the entire family". The site is managed by the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications and provides lots of photographs and graphics along with the textual information. The authors update the information once a month so that users should continually check back with the site for new information. The main page is divided into the "explore Japan", "what's new", "monthly news", "kids link", "games", and "Japan kids gallery" sections and a "Map of Japan". Recently added to the site are a new Questions and Answers section containing replies to commonly asked, a jigsaw puzzle of a map of Japan and submissions of artwork by kids around the world. The monthly news section has the information everyone's talking about in Japan". Additionally, the site has sections on International Relations, Economy and Industry, Policitics and Constitution, History, Protecting the Environment, Nature and Climate, Regions of Japan, Sports, Traditional Culture, Outside the Classroom, Schools and Daily Life. Each of these sections have short paragraphs on the subject with photos and question and answers related to the subject at the bottom of the page. This site is designed to be visited over and over and with this much information you'll want to!