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Provides information for learning about the Internet and education.

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ICONnect, is sponsored by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), and was set up to help students, educators and media specialists at libraries learning to use the Internet. ICONnect resources "help students to develop the information and visual literacy skills that they need to be productive citizens, provide school library media specialists and teachers with training to effectively navigate the Internet and to develop and use meaningful curriculum connections with teachers and students" The site is divided into five sections: Online Courses - classes on how to use the Internet as a curriculum resource and feature an introductory level course which focuses on Internet basics and is designed for school library media specialists who have basic knowledge of e-mail and a connection to the Internet for e-mail and advanced courses that cover from navigating the World Wide Web to the latest technology trends on the Internet; Curriculum Connections -- these courses are designed for students to learn and/or improve their Internet skills; Mini-Grants -- information on $500 ICONnect mini-grants "that encourage the use of Internet resources to develop meaningful curriculum connections"; KidsConnect -- KidsConnect is a "question-answering, help and referral service to K12 students on the Internet. The goal of the service is to help students access and use the information available on the Internet effectively and efficiently". This is a wonderful service that connects library media specialists from around the world with students needing help via e-mail for answers to questions; and; the ICONnect Web Site and Gopher. If you request ist, ICONnect can send you a packet of information. Definetely worth a stop for educators new to the Web or those thinking of increasing their use of the Internet in the school system.