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History Channel Classroom



Guide and classroom materials for The History Channel's Programming.


Simple text, minimal graphics.


Two links on the page, easy to follow, links back on subsequent pages.


The Classroom Calendar shows six months of programming information so that teachers can prepare programs and lessons to go along with the programs to be shown on The History Channel Classroom. Teachers are permitted to tape the programs (as long as they are used within one year of taping) that are shown specifically for teachers, commercial-free. The concept was created so that teachers had tools to use in the classroom to make it more exciting and rewarding. The History Channel's website has tips for teachers such as cataloging the tapes by subject matter or creating a video log of specific segments so that they may use the programs more effectively. The typical program has the dates and times of showing, a vocabulary list, discussion questions and ideas for research projects. The site suggess that teachers of subjects other than history could use the materials for lessons as well. All necessary materials are available here so look over the site and start planning!