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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1999

Web Math

WebMath is a homework help site that generates answers to specific math problems!

Simple lay out, few graphics. Some neat animated math problems!

At the top of each page is a hierarchical navigational bar that shows you where you are in the site and is linked to the pages you used to get there.

WebMath is not a static mathematics site. It contains a sophisticated math "engine" that can do specific math problems from simple addition through trigonometry. The answers are accompanied by explanations of the steps used to solve the problems, so students can learn as they get their answers. Some of the simpler math problems are animated. Teachers that recommend this site should review the way the problems are explained so they can incorporate it into their lessons. This is a great place for students to get homework help, but the danger is that if students don't read the explanations, or don't understand the language used, they won't grasp the concepts.