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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1999

The Spartacus Encyclopedia of British History

The Spartacus Encyclopedia of British History contains a large body of information about the time period of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain.

The black background and period graphics create a feeling of the 18th and 19th century time frame.

The main page and section headings have a navigational bar at the bottom that is oriented to the parent site. The individual pages have no navigational links, but do have extensive cross-referencing links. Be prepared to use the back button. Many of the pages are slow to load.

The Spartacus Encyclopedia of British History has an extensive amount of information about a broad range of subjects in British history. A few of the section heads include Poverty; Health and Housing; The Slave Trade; 19th Century Railways; Child Labour; The Monarchy; and Emancipation of Women. Each section includes a long list of biographies, writings, and quotes related to the subject. The site has a great deal of cross-referencing between related pages, allowing users to delve deeper into the subject studied. The format and writing style are probably ideally suited to college level researchers who already have knowledge of the subject, but high school classes can gain much from it as well. Middle school teachers may find it useful, but students at that level will probably require guidance.