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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1999


This Spanish-language kids' site is about Mexico's culture. It includes some great information about the indigenous peoples --- their traditional culture and lifestyle, and their impact on modern culture. The site is mostly in Spanish, but one excellent area ---Animals of the Ancient Miztecs--- is translated into English.

: This site has some outstanding graphics and animations! The layout is bright and colorful. The site is easy to read and has a great sense of humor. The site has high interest potential for kids.

The site is well-ordered. Limited navigational links at the bottom of most pages will take you back to the immediate subject headings, or to the home page.

This is the kind of site that will make kids want to learn Spanish just so they can spend time exploring this site. It's packed full of great stuff. El Tlacuache, an opossum-like creature, is the charming animated guide. The main section of the site is Juega, Aprende Y Divirtete, which means Play, Learn and Have Fun. Here you will find a games and riddles section (NO! Se Aburra), a Latin American Cooking Section (Hasta la Cochina), an animals and eco-adventure section (El Mundo del Tlacuache), a life through the eyes of the children of Mexico section (Aggarra Tu Mochila), a literature section (Para Leer Y Oir), and a historical section that takes you back in time to the era of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, the Mixtecs (Cucurucho del Tiempo). Look in this last section to find the English-language version of the beautifully illustrated Animals of the Ancient Miztecs (Animales de los Antiguos Mixtecos), an excellent resource for social studies classes. Kids' discussion groups, art and riddle pages, and the Tlacuache Club are included on the main page. This is an outstanding site for all Spanish-language classrooms, and for ESL students whose native language is Spanish.