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January, 1999

Kids 4 Peace

The Kids 4 Peace site promotes World Peace 2000 Day on January 1st, 2000, and The Year For World Peace 2000. The site includes games, activities, a picture book, and links to other peace-related sites.

The striking black background and colorful graphics draw the user in to explore more.

The site is an interlinking of several sister sites. Many of the pages are linked to other large homepages. Younger kids could get lost on the main page of this site. The Dino Pals section and Kids Care! are self-contained, with links back to their main pages at the bottoms of the linked pages, making them a good choice for early elementary use.

This page represents the combined efforts of several sites ---including, One Day in Peace, World Peace 2000, and People for Peace--- working on the January 1, 2000 World Peace Day. The Kids 4 Peace site also has it's own Dino Pals and Kids Care! sections. The Dino Pals are a cute, cuddly collection of large colorful reptiles that have "been waiting about 65 million years" to teach kids about peaceful, nonviolent ways to have fun. The Kids Care section adds a bunch of cute fuzzy mammals to the collection of pals along the way. Kids Care About the Earth! offers some good information about youth groups involved in environmental issues and has a short page about recycling. The Kids Care! Story Page has a series of 12 different picture books that kids can read online about peaceful themes. These folks have a noble cause that deserves the attention of kids around the world!