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S I T E     R E V I E W
Originally Published January, 1999
Link Updated October, 2003

Indigenous People's Literature


Indigenous People's Literature site is a compilation of writings and information about indigenous peoples from around the world. The collection includes legends, poetry, quotes, biographies, important documents, and much more.


The site has a great collection of backgrounds, with the information presented in lists.


The main page offers several ways to view the Table of Contents, including the use of frames and drop down menus. We recommend the tables version further down the main page. Some of the other indexes can be confusing. Most of the individual pages have links back to the main page, but not to the index, so you may want to use your browser's back button.


This is an extensive site that will take a while to go through. The majority of the collection is on indigenous peoples of North America and includes a lot of information about the peoples of Mexico and Canada. Be sure to check out biographies of Great Leaders, the Famous Documents, Stories, Famous Quotes, Poetry, and Writers and Speakers sections of the site. Those sections are about North American peoples and are part of an extensive archive based at the site. You can research the site by individual tribes or regions, but many of the links in those sections will be to outside resources. A good collection of links to Indigenous Art Galleries and literature resources for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania is also available. This is an excellent site for learning about the history and culture of American Indians and indigenous peoples of the world.

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