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January, 1999

Home School Help

Home School Help is a great place for planning and organizing a personalized curriculum for the home schooled student. The site includes curriculum planning materials, free printable worksheets, and research and reference links.

Some nice graphics, the pages tend to be a little cluttered.

Each page has a navigational bar at the bottom that links to the main sections of the site. I found the site a little confusing to navigate. The pages are slow to download.

Home School Help is a useful site that is full of information. The site offers a free monthly newsletter, available by mail subscription Excerpts of the newsletter, including some instructional materials, are available online. The reference section has links to a variety of educational resources. There are also a number of instructional and organizational aides for sale. The site doesn't discuss grade level, but seems to be oriented to the middle school student. Most of the site is for parents and instructors, but a future feature will be Pascal's Place, a fun area for middle-school students.