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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1998

Tapped In
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

The "Tapped In" Web site uses a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) that allows users to engage in real-time (synchronous) collaboration, send email, post to bulletin boards and listservs (asynchronous), and browse Web sites -- all in a single on-line venue.

This site has a text-based, professional layout. The color scheme is light and easy to read.

All sections of the site are accessible from the same menu bar on each page. Every section is marked with a title so users know which area they are reading.

Tapped In is a resource to aid educators in their professional development. The setup is modeled after a real-world conference center. Members (membership is free to educators and researchers) can meet online to share experiences and to collaborate on work. The site offers users real-time (synchronous) collaboration, email, and bulletin boards. Users can also sign up for mailings from listservs. Members can download free software and help guides. Members provide information for data collection and provide feedback for improving the site's services. The site posts papers and demo slides so users can keep current on Tapped In activities. Educators at all levels could find answers to their questions, comrades with similar experiences, and allies in the daily business of education.