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January, 1998

Judy and David.com

This is the Web site for the "Judy and David Music Shop," a Canadian children's music show.

The site uses a lot of bright colors and photos to appeal to children. The homepage uses picture icons to allow users to locate sections easily.

All of the areas of the Web site are shown on the front page and are accessible by graphic or text menu. Each page of the site has a graphic link back to the home page.

"Judy & David's Music Shop," a children's show featuring music, is shown in Canada. The principals of the show have also created an integrated program for elementary schools. The program has a teacher's guide and tapes designed to enhance the program. The guide includes song lyrics, activities, and lesson plans. The program also includes a live concert in the school. Details for booking the program are available at the site. Users will find a catalog of children's music, which includes the lyrics to many popular children's songs. Photos from the show and sound clips of some of the show's music are part of the site. Viewers will also find links to other children's sites. This is a good resource for music teachers specifically or for preschool and elementary educators wishing to include music in their curriculum.