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January, 1998

Art Teacher On The Net

This site has art projects, ideas, and resources. The site includes links to other art information such as holiday themes, multicultural art, and project sheets.

The text on some of the pages is difficult to read. Most of the pages use different backgrounds but similar formats.

Users with java will get a pop-up window every time they return to the home page. All of the information available at the site is listed on the home page.

The best feature of this site is the "Art History for Kids" area. Viewers learn how to look at art by being "Art Detectives" and travelling to some of the world's major museums. The detectives search for famous artworks and learn about the artist and his/her art. Users must complete exercises along the way. Each week a new artist is presented. The "index of project ideas" page gives users access to projects available on the site. Those projects can be used to enhance history, geography, culture and other class lessons. This is a good find for art teachers looking to supplement to their art classes and for a fun way to teach children about art history as well as art.