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S I T E     R E V I E W



Ideas, topics, links and information for writing a research paper, somewhat limited to specific suggestions in the idea directory.

Background is notebook paper with large fonts and colored binder tabs.

Organized like a student's notebook, it is very easy to follow links and move around the site.

Writing a paper? You've found an excellent source for researching a subject. The site is divided into an Idea Directory, "Research Central" discussion area and a Writing Center. The Idea Directory has specific topics for papers and each topic has links for additional information using Electric Library, a subscription-based online research tool, or, search the entire World Wide Web using Infoseek, a free Internet search tool. The Writing Center has strategies and tips for getting your paper started and the Research Central area allows users to post messages and read what other students are saying about their research paper assignments and to share tips and advice. The premise is much needed by students and could probably be used by teachers assigning research topics. The advantage of such a site is that in the course of following the links of a specific topic it is easy to branch into another topic so theoretically the subject choices could be endless. This site is a perfect alternative starting point instead of staring at a blank page, deciding what to write about.