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Grants Web

The Research Administrators Resources Network

Minimal graphics, color is used to divide sections.

Links are easy to find and easy to follow.

This website is put out by the Society of Research Administrators and has a section with information for members only but the rest of the page has excellent information for anyone needing to, or in the process of, writing a research grant. This site would probably be very valuable for anyone without access to a lot of information about grant-writing (such as small not-for-profit companies) and for anyone writing a grant for the first time. There are resources for the United States and Canada and almost every link leads to another page full of links to resources. There is so much information here it would take a while to get through it all but the page is organized well and allows the user to find what they are looking for fairly easily. The site is divided into the following sections: Government Resources, General / Fed Agencies, General Resources and Private Funding Resources. Many Research Administrators, particularly those members of SRA, may know about this site but it is an excellent find for those needing the information who haven't seen it yet.