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October 2001


This site, brought to you by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, offers news, interactive games, contests, and information on taking care of your pets.
The bright colors, sounds, and cartoon characters on this site are sure to appeal to kids. Graphics may take a minute to load on a slow modem, and users need Flash Player to play the games and to view the pet care cartoons.
A left-side navigation menu is available on all pages that lead to the main sections of site. Each section has a right navigation menu for movement within that section.
This is the place for pet lovers! Information on various pets from cats to dogs to fish to gerbils is available. By clicking on the kind of pet, students will find general information about the animal such as what to feed it, where it likes to live, and how to play with it. The pet tip cartoons are a fun way for children to learn the basics of caring for their pets. Users can read all about their favorite animals and animal heroes or play interactive games, send e-cards, and download screensavers. Animal ABCs provides information on members of the animal kingdom that are not necessarily pets. Included is a section onCareers and an Ask Azula section, where students can send in their animal questions to be answered.

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