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October 2001

Aunty Math

Aunty Math presents math challenges that encourage thinking skills for students in grades K-5.
This is a simple site with cute, colorful graphics and a large font that makes it easy to read for young students.
The home page provides text links, grouped for teachers or kids, to the various sections of the site in a table of contents format. All pages provide a link back to the home page.
Aunt Matilda Matthews, better known as Aunty Math can add a little spice to your math class. The site offers challenging problems right from the life of Aunty Math, her niece Gina, and nephews Barney and Danny. Every other week, Aunty Math presents a new problem solving challenge, correlated to N.T.C.M. Standards, that encourages children to use their thinking skills. These challenges are written in age-appropriate language and in a fun way that kids will love. Students can send in their solutions and their strategies for solving the challenges to have them posted on the Web site. Parents and teachers will find tips on extending the lessons for special learners, an archive of past challenges, and a discussion of solution strategies.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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