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October 2001


Take your students on an "always live, always wild" virtual field trip to view African wildlife in their natural habitats via a live Web cam.
The site is colorful and offers lots to do. Advertisements are present. Users will need Windows Media Player to view the videos. Though the more advanced features of the site are fee-based, there is plenty here for free.
The site has the Web cams listed on the right side of the page with a special link for Mac and WebTV users. A left-side navigation index links to the major sections of the site. The Web cam pages have a top navigation bar.
As bandwidth has increased, so has the use of Web cams. This site is one you'll want to be sure to explore with your students. The site offers real-time views and videos of African animals in their natural habitats. Some of the world's wilderness areas such as Etosha, Djuma, Madikwe, and Kruger National Park are featured with live cam shots 24 hours a day. Check out the Field Guides to learn more about the different animals. The Folklore section presents interesting stories, and the Feature Articles section explores such topics as behavior, conservation, and ecology.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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