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October 2001

Nutrition Cafe

This site is a joint effort of the Pacific Science Center and the Washington State Diary Council. It offers students the opportunity to learn about nutrition in a fun, interactive way.
The site uses bright colorful graphics and interactivity to present the information.
The site has three major sections; each is represented with a graphical link on the main page. Other pages have link back to the home page.
This is a great place for students to learn about nutrition in a fun way. Each of the three sections provides an interactive game or activity that teaches some important facts about nutrition. Nutrition Sleuth, a game similar to hangman, explores the different nutrients. Grab a Grape gives basic nutrition facts and students pick the question that matches. An explanation of the question is then displayed. Students can build their own meals in Have a Bite Cafe and receive nutritional information about their choices, based on age and sex. Included are related Web links.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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