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September 2001
Updated JUNE, 2007

Archiving Early America

Archiving Early America brings the documents of the 18th century to life through high-quality digital images, movies, and text.
This attractive site features a consistent color scheme and graphics that have a period look. The Flash plug-in is required for viewing some of the movies, but users can download it from the site. Advertisements are present on most pages.
Visitors can access each of the major sections from the main page; internal pages have a bottom menu for navigating the site.
Give your students a better understanding of the early events in American history that made our nation what it is today. Using digitized primary documents, newspapers, magazines, maps, and writings, students can view a historical account of this important time. Young students will enjoy such movies (viewable without the ads) as The Life of George Washington, Paul Revere: Messenger of the Revolution, and Molly Pitcher: An American Heroine. Included are the current and archived editions of The Early America Review and interactive or printable versions of the Crossword Puzzles. A discussion list and a fairly active forum are also available.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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