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September 2001
Updated JUNE, 2007

Holocaust Survivors

This site offers an account of the Holocaust through the stories and voices of its survivors.
The consistent layout and color scheme of all the pages makes the site user friendly and attractive.
The site is easy to navigate and can be browsed in several different ways. There is a right-side table of contents on the main page and a bottom menu bar on all the subsequent pages.
Holocaust Survivors could be used as part of a larger study of this historical event. It will give students a sense of the loss and suffering that is evident in these personal accounts. Included are the six individuals' Survivor Stories; a Photo Gallery; an Audio Gallery, which includes stories, songs, and prayers; an Encyclopedia that gives background information and original source materials and scholarly articles. Active Discussion Groups, Links to related Web sites, and a Bibliography round out this outstanding resource for anyone interested in a personal look at this historical event.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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