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August 2001

Eighth Grade Sci-ber Text

Eighth Grade Sci-ber Text was created as a collaborative effort by teachers in Utah. It includes activities, lab experiments, and movies that correspond to the eighth-grade science curriculum. Teachers can easily adapt the activities for other grade levels.
The site has a simple layout but uses animation and color to add interest. QuickTime Player is required for viewing the movies.
The Sci-ber Text is divided into six chapters, which are accessible from the right-side tabbed menu or the handy site map.
Science teachers everywhere will appreciate the curriculum connections this online resource contains. Major topics of the science curriculum are covered in these chapters: Matter, Energy, Forces, Machines, and Earth. Each section has informational reading with diagrams, activities, lab experiments, enrichment activities, and movies that illustrate the concept. Students can use the activities at home or in the classroom. Most of the activities could be adapted to a different grade level. The lab pages include a link to the rules for using the lab safely.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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