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July 2001


This site offers numerous craft projects for persons of all ages -- most areas of crafts are covered.
The site is attractive and easy to read.
The i-craft site is very well organized. The main page links to all areas, and each page has links to each section on the left and at the bottom.
The Hobby Industry Association created this site. Teachers at many levels, leaders of after-school programs, and even senior citizens will find it a valuable resource. General Crafts, TeacherZone, and Senior Center are just a few of the sections offered. Visitors will find project ideas in areas ranging from beading to needlecraft to making scrapbooks. Many of these would work well in classrooms. Featured Projects offers seasonal projects. Kids' Corner provides more than 20 ideas for crafts designed for children. Full-size patterns and photographs are available along with detailed procedures. TeacherZone offers lesson plans complete with objectives, materials lists, and procedures. Most lessons can be integrated into interdisciplinary units -- examples of lesson plans from the 2000 include "Shoes," "Revolutionary War Puppets," and "Bug Bonanza." Users will find 1998 and 1999 lesson plans in the Lesson Plan Archives.