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S I T E     R E V I E W

June 2001

 Online School Newspaper: NYTimes Learning Network


Campus Weblines, published as part of the New York Times Learning Network, offers teachers and students the information and tools they need to publish online school newspapers.
The layout of this site is direct and easy to follow. Each chapter includes different sections and a printer-friendly version.
The information is well organized in a manual format with the table of contents listed at the left of the main page. Each chapter has an index of topics with links to other chapters.
Students and advisers will appreciate the straightforward manner in which this manual is written. It covers all the basics of starting up and publishing a school newspaper. Topics include staff organization, how the paper can enhance the curriculum, how to write and edit news stories, online layouts, journalism ethics, and much more. Additional offerings include free software and templates to download and technical instruction about publishing Web pages. Whether you are considering just starting up a school newspaper or going online with one that is already being published, Campus Weblines is the place to find all the answers to the questions that may arise.